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Walter's Way Tours - Why Choose Us!?

Why Choose Us!?

We watched, we saw, we listened, we changed, we kept perfecting, we keep listening!

Most people prefer not to drive, and not to be in large coaches herded from place to place on strict rigid itineraries. We travel in a small luxury coach, able to go down many small country lanes to see the many seldom seen gems which is the real Ireland. We book lovely comfortable accommodation located within easy walking distance of town centers, so that you can explore the shops, the restaurants, and maybe some pubs!

You are on vacation, you want to have a very special time, and plenty free time. You want to see all the famous iconic places, experience their mystique, and dramatic Irish scenery.

But you know Ireland is steeped in history with monuments from thousands of years ago just sitting there in fields which you can walk around, touch, and imagine how people lived back then.  Some of the landscape was moulded from the ice age ten thousand years ago and is virtually in exactly the same state today. You can see the native red deer that have been breeding wild for over five thousand years.

The real Irish experience is as much about experiencing, exploring, interacting with local people, as it is seeing the Country’s beautiful castles, countryside and coastline.

We have a good chat beforehand discovering your special interests so we can change your itinerary accordingly.


Every Walter’s Way Tour is different, exciting, interesting, fun and memorable!


It’s your vacation, your experience, your time to make life long memories.

We just make it happen!

About Walter

Walter loves his native land! His family is steeped in Irish history, an ancestor marrying a Butler daughter from Kilkenny Castle in the 1400’s. Another ancestor married a Browne from Killarney House in 1668, who went on to fight with the Jacobites in The Battle of The Boyne, The Siege of Derry, The Siege of Limerick, and finally was one of the signatories of The Treaty of Limerick. An agricultural science graduate from University College Dublin, and management graduate from Boston College, Walter spent thirty years in farming, food, waste management and renewable energy. Describing himself as ‘a bit of a nationalist’ he is very proud of his heroes who foughtand negotiated for Irish freedom, and is adamant that Ireland now retains its strong identity, culture & heritage and becomes a pioneer as a Nation in renewable energy and food self sufficiency.

More recently Walter qualified in regional and national Irish Tour Guiding, Management, Culture & Heritage and is a Fáilte Ireland approved, registered and insured guide, and is a member of the Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland (ATGI). In 2017 he wrote a history and contemporary guide book ‘Walter’s Way Kinsale’ and is presently writing ‘Walter’s Way Killarney’. He is passionate about his Country, and making each tour an experience of a lifetime for his guests.